You want to make real, sustained progress.

Though you refuse to abandon your writing, you find that the pull of other obligations (jobs, kids, gardens, un-alphabetized spice racks...) combined with your own natural resistance ("I'm sure I'll be better able to focus tomorrow...") means your writing keeps moving to the back burner...or falling off the stove entirely.

I offer the support structure you need to keep your writing moving forward.  No more stop/start/stall/gas/brake/drift.  Sustained momentum so you can finish that *#@%$% project already!  

You want to build your creative confidence.

Your writing requires that you exercise bold creativity and thoughtful decision-making...and both take confidence and courage.  So does managing your perfectionism and forgiving the unmitigated crappiness of your early drafts.

I offer tools and practices that can help you move with agility between the wildness of exploratory drafts and the ruthless clarity of your shaping and refinement work.

You want to create work you are proud of.

You want more than anything to have the satisfaction of completing work that makes you feel proud and satisfied.  But, as a writer, losing all perspective on your work is par for the course.  Is it great?  Is it crap? Should you burn it?  Should you publish it?  At times, you may be a horrible judge.  And at the same time, your judgement is the only one that matters.  

I will help you stay out of the endless circular motion that happens when you lose perspective and start second-guessing yourself.  When you fall into doubt, I'll help you shorten your trips around the doubt spiral and take another step forward so you can push through to the finish line and finally say "I did it!" 

We need to use our courage. It gets constipated in front of the TV, in spite of the vicarious combat of football and cop shows. An occasional rush of courage is necessary for us to be fully human.
— Joan Oliver Goldsmith

I offer four things that will revolutionize your relationship to your writing:

1.  Accountability  

There's nothing like the power of committing to one small assignment after another to generate incredible momentum in your writing life.  We'll work together to identify small assignments and clear next steps with a defined deadline, to help take the inner turmoil "will I or won't I write today?" out of your life.

2.  Encouragement

It can be very challenging to stand up on your own for the space and time your writing life requires. With me in your corner, you have someone who understands the importance of your writing to your well-being, your sense of creative satisfaction, and your experience of meaning.  When you are having one of those moments when you can't remember where the hell you are going with your writing or why you should even bother, I'll be there to remind you.  

3.  Process Support

As you move your writing forward, we'll keep an eye on how your process is working for you, and work through any challenges as they come up.  Together, we'll explore:  How is perfectionism showing up for you?  At what moments does your inner critic decide to pitch a fit, and what are it's favorite tactics?  What practices and rituals will help you transition into to a mental space where you can find focus and calmly get to work?  

4. Feedback and Thinking Partnership

Sometimes, there is nothing more helpful or motivating than to gather some objective reactions to your work.  I do not offer "writing instruction," but I am skilled at reflecting back to you my experience as a reader of your work.  I will tell you what I love, what felt full of energy, and in what specific places I got distracted or confused.  If you could use a thoughtful person to talk through questions of structure, focus, and direction, I make an excellent thinking partner.

A year from now, what do you want to have accomplished with your writing?  Are you going to get there by doing what you've been doing?

How We'll Work Together

In your FREE consultation session, we'll talk together on the phone and customize an approach to working together that includes just the right frequency for your coaching support, and the combination of telephone and email communication that will meet your needs.

Download the Initial Consultation Packet to learn more about:

  • the kinds of things we'll talk about during your free consultation,
  • the range of different options you have for customizing how we structure your coaching time
  • costs and payment options
  • an FAQ about creativity coaching
Forgive me, but perhaps you should write again. I think there is something necessary and life-giving about ‘creative work’ (forgive the term). A state of excitement. And it is like a faucet: nothing comes unless you turn it on, and the more you turn it on, the more comes.
— Brenda Ueland, 1938


"Sara Saltee is the remedy for every bad English teacher or mean editor a writer has ever encountered.  Sara helped me tap a deeper, more spiritual well of ideas that sustains my professional and personal expression. Sara will inspire you."

 - K. Browning-Blas, Professional journalist

"Sara helped me find my voice in my project at exactly the right time. After our sessions, I felt more confident and in-control of the project, as opposed to the project controlling me."  

- Dr. Chad Thomas, Ph.D.

"The completely unique and differentiating quality Sara brings (and I am so thankful for) is her intuition; she was able to tell when I needed more encouragement, when I just needed to bounce some ideas off of someone, and when I needed help getting out of a another fit of writer's block.  My interactions with her always move me forward - and that's saying a lot!"  

- Swati Bharteey, Blogger and Memoirist

When I don’t write enough, I get a gnawing sense of disease. It is an appetite that isn’t sated by other things. I become lonely for my soul… Losing…the flow of writing is what makes for loneliness.
— Julia Cameron

Email Sara today to set up your free consultation.  Just do it.  The worst that happens?  You spend a free hour getting to chat about what matters to you most with someone whose favorite topic happens to be your relationship with your writing life.  The best that happens?  You embark on a time of supported focus on your writing goals, gain confidence, build momentum, and create work that you are proud of...  A pretty darn good deal either way, don't you think?