The Caring Economy Starter course is a 60 minute, fully scripted webinar created for the Center for Partnership Studies, based in Pacific Grove, CA. The program is presented to live audiences multiple times a year to educate new community members about a major initiative of the Center, and drive interest in the Center's related educational programs.

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At a time when the Municipal Research Services Center (MRSC) was gearing up for a major web update, they asked for a custom-designed, hands-on training to help their in-house content developers become aware of key principles in human information processing and key design strategies for creating accessible web content.

The three-hour workshop included multiple opportunities for participant interaction, including an opportunity for hands on practice with transforming relevant content from a text-based to a web-based approach.

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Worksource Seattle - King County wanted to strengthen the capacity of their in-house workshop facilitators, many of whom had no previous formal training, to more successfully meet the learning needs of their highly diverse customers.  

In collaboration with Donna Vaudrin Associates, we developed an overarching curriculum design that includes a series of 3, 3-hour face-to-face workshops which can be taken in any order.  We currently offer the series twice-yearly for groups of 25 - 30 participants at a time.

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