Well, THIS is exciting!  

You're thinking you might want some help getting your creative self all fired up and ready to roll?  Hat's off to you!

I've been coaching writers, artists, and other creators since 2003 and helping you get clear, get brave, get going and keep going on the projects of your heart still thrills me every time.  

Here's the thing:  your creativity is the bridge between your inner life and your outer contributions. Your creativity is both how you listen to the world around you and how your life speaks back to that world. 

So, I applaud you for being ready to devote some attention to exploring who you are as a creator, how your creative work might go more joyfully and effectively, and what it might look like to orchestrate your life so that all your creative selves are honored, nourished, and expressed...  I think you're onto something vital and marvelous, and I'd love to help!

My clients most often come to me with one (or both) of two different requests.  Take a look and see which of these sounds like you!

Request #1:  Creative Momentum and Accountability


"I'm committed to a creative project (or a creative practice)...Help me get out of my own way and get some consistent rhythms going so I can accomplish more and stop feeling so frustrated with myself!"

Perhaps this sounds familiar?

  • You have a writing project that is crying out for sustained attention...but somehow everything else seems to come first.
  • You have a lovely studio and the best of intentions....but somehow you never make it over the threshhold.
  • You get inspired, start projects, set goals...only to find your focus drifting, your progress stalled, and your inner battles raging.

I can help.

If you are ready to acknowledge your creative ambitions, deepen your understanding of your own creating process, and face the bracing headwinds of fear as you press forward toward the completion of your creative projects…I can help.

Let's start with some truth:  Creating ain’t all effortless flow

Absolutely, the work of creating brings some wonderful moments:  the exhilarating rush of inspiration, the boundless joy of surfing a glorious wave of creative flow… But let’s be honest.  The work of creating brings different kinds of moments, too.  You know, like: 

  • the deep discomfort of ambiguity and uncertainty, 
  • the hard work of thinking (and the sticky tar pits of over-thinking)
  • the heavy burden of perfectionism, 
  • the gelatinous goo of resistance,
  • the anxiety of commitment without guarantees, 
  • the fear of self-revelation, 
  • the painful inner battle of procrastination, 
  • the shockingly high hurdle of completion,
  • and the dread of critical judgement.  

(HOT TIP:  If this list doesn’t ring any bells, I suspect you might not really need a creativity coach.  If bells are a-ringin' – read on.)

So yes, creative work is demanding in unique ways… and when you lack the support you need or the skills to work through or with these challenges, you can find yourself stuck in places that feel really crappy, depressing, and diminishing to your spirit.  

The right kind of support can make all the difference.  

As an artist, a writer, and a certified Creativity Coach, I’ve spent decades accumulating a toolkit of ways to strengthen the specific muscles needed for sustained creative work.  

Together we’ll customize an approach which can include:

  • exercises for building self-trust and creative confidence
  • experiments with the habits and mind-sets that support continuous forward movement
  • testing strategies for managing your fear and creative anxiety
  • setting mini-milestones and identifying itty bitty next steps
  • playful approaches to help you stay loose so you can be 10% bolder and braver

We work together to define both process goals (what do you want the experience of creating to feel like?) and product goals (what do you want to create?)  

You set a pace that works for you, and I support you in honoring your commitments to your creative work.  

You have someone in your corner who cares deeply and specifically about who you are as a creator.

You take away skills and mindsets that you'll use for the rest of your creating life.
To learn more particulars about my work with writers, click HERE.

Results may include... 

  • Freedom from the perfectionism/defeatism see saw
  • Discovery of an escape hatch from the battlefield of will-power vs. won’t-power
  • Increased creative confidence
  • A positive relationship with helpful inner voices that speak with both firmness and compassion
  • Appreciation for what's really happening in fallow times when nothing seems to be cooking
  • New ways to manage an overabundance of ideas/inspirations
  • Sustained clarity of vision 
  • Deep pride in your creative accomplishments 

Ready to stay accountable to your highest intentions for your creative life?

Let’s talk.  

Thank you for the help you’ve given me.  From the beginning, where I felt you could really appreciate what I was struggling with, through working out specific problems which got me working again, through your constant support and encouragement.  Thank you.
— John K, Composer

Request #2:  Creative Identity and Direction


"I'm creative in a bunch of different ways...Help me make sense of my multiple gifts, stop agonizing over what I'm meant to do, and steer toward a life that feels more satisfying!"

If you are creative in multiple ways, the worst thing you can do is keep playing small. The world needs all of your multi-faceted gifts - and you'll never feel satisfied unless you get to express them all - so let's get to work orchestrating a life big enough for who you really are.

No more shoving your complex self into someone else's too-small shoes!

Using my original Creative Constellation Framework as a starting point, we'll work together to clarify who you are as creator so you can stop agonizing over what you're meant to do and start making the contributions you are uniquely designed to make to the healing and evolution of our world.  

Together, we'll:

  • dive right into the juicy intersection of creativity and life purpose,
  • map the coordinates of your genius (however complex your genius might be), and
  • start trusting the inner navigation system that is already trying to steer you toward a life big enough for who you really are.

Results may include... 

  • New insight into the particular combination of creativities that make you...you!
  • A sense of validation that you are allowed to be complex and relief to discover that your complexity is an asset, not a burden.
  •  A flexible framework that allows you to name and claim the creative drives that are calling you right now
  • Tools and practices that help you sort through the many different possible paths and projects that are swirling in your head, set criteria for what a "great project" looks like for you, and define some priorities to help focus the next phase of your creative life
  • A profound new vision of how your creativities can work together as part of a whole, harmonious experience.

Ready to embrace the intricate wholeness of you?  Ready to use your creative constellation as a navigation system for the next chapter of your life?

Let’s talk.  

Sara truly understands the multi-passionate creative temperament and experience, and she helped guide my Renaissance Soul self through several exercises to help me better discern the myriad ideas in my head and projects spinning in the world.

She offers validation along with real strategies and guidance, all of which are so welcome and needed when trying to find one’s way to a life and livelihood that honor many creative interests.

I continually use the tools I learned with Sara as I decide which projects to pursue or not, and how to see my life as a whole as the biggest creative project.
— Megan Pincus Kajitani, M.A. Writer/Editor/Artist/Educator, www.mpk-ink.com

How to Get Started

Here's the deal:  You are a unique creator with gifts that only you can bring to the world, and we need what you've got to help us all move forward. 

None of us have to do it all, but the world is calling all of us to stop playing small, get over our stuckness, and start contributing all we've got to the evolution and healing of our planet and our fellow humans.

If you are excited about working with me on any of the questions or challenges I've outlined here, here are the simple steps to get this ball rolling!

1.  Book a free 30 minute chat so we can begin to get to know each other, answer any questions you have, and get a sense of whether we're a good fit. 

The worst that happens?   You spend some time talking with a passionate advocate for your creative self about stuff that really matters to you.

The best that happens?  You take the first step in what turns out to be a life-saving commitment to standing up for your own creative life.   

2. Before we talk, download the initial consultation packet and take some time to look it over.  It offers more details about the kind of coaching I do and how my coaching packages are structured.  

In this one handy dandy packet you'll find out:

  • what are we going to talk about during your free consultation?
  • what are your options for customizing how we structure your coaching time?
  • details of costs and payment options
  • an FAQ with more juicy answers about creativity coaching

3.  After we chat, if we decide to work together, you'll head to the Coaching Packages page to purchase your sessions.  I ask new clients to start with a package of three, one-hour sessions.  After that, you can choose to purchase sessions one by one, or in packages of 3 or 6 sessions.  (For multi-session packages, you have the option to pay up front, or you can arrange monthly payments if you prefer.)

Let's get you all lined up to create what you are here to create, shall we?