Help Pick the Juiciest Topics for the 2014 Webinar Series and Get a Free Gift! 

Starting January, 2014, I'll be offering a monthly, 60-minute lunchtime webinar designed to give you a quick dip into a pool of nurturing and inspiring goodness to keep your creative self happy.  

I'll seek to 

  • stimulate your creative practice,
  • explore answers to common creative vexations, and
  • inspire renewed courage to sustain your creative journey.

I've got a ton of ideas I'd be excited to share, but, um, I'm not the audience... you are!  So I'd love to know which webinar topics sound most intriguing to you!

Take a look at the 10 ideas below, then click the "What are Your Top 3" link to tell me your favorites (or suggest better ones!).  As a thanks for your wisdom, I'll send you a free copy of my delightful little gift book, Small Pleasures!   

10 potential webinar topics - which 3 do you find the most compelling?

1.  The Imperfection Option:  3 ways to interrupt the perfectionism habit that is squashing your creative potential.

2.  How to Slay your Inner Puritan:  Learn the critical difference between a "productivity ethic" and a "creativity ethic" and free yourself to enjoy life and (paradoxically) get a lot more done.

3.  You CAN Get There from Here (But Maybe Not Tomorrow):  How developing a do-able transition plan can help you stage a graceful shift towards the creativity-centered life you crave, while avoiding the pesky traumas of impulsive and ill-considered "Big Leaps."

4.  The "D" Word:  Why discipline might not actually be the thing you need more of in your creative practice - and 3 things that work a lot better.

5.  What Kind of Creator Are You?:  Find out which of 10 distinct creative types you most identify with, and explore the implications for your life and work.

6.  How to Talk So Your Creative Self Will Listen, and Listen So Your Creative Self will Talk:  The voice of your creative self can be hard to discern, especially given the cacophony of our society and the speed of your busy life.  Gain some practical ideas for tuning into what the "self beneath the self" is trying to tell you.

7.  What Comes Before the Inspiration?  Stillness, quiet, and "nothingness" are essential pre-cursors to real inspiration - and the quality of your stillness is directly related to the quality of your creative work.  How to become a fierce guardian of the quiet your creative life requires.

8.  Strengthening Your Creative Core:  At the center of the Creating Process cycle are 5 core practices - Love, Trust, Presence, Curiosity, and Play - that powerfully impact both your experience of your own creativity and the quality of your creative output. Explore some fun ways to nurture these foundational creativity-expanders in your daily life.

9.  Working Through the Four Crises of the Creating Process:  Find out about the Big Four intrinsic crises that are part of all creative processes, and learn how to prevent these built-in challenge points from becoming long-term stuck places.

10.  Turning Toward Your Fear:  Passion and fear are like conjoined twins that walk with you throughout your creating practice.  Deepening your understanding of the dynamic tension between these opposing forces can help you face in the right direction (toward your fear, not away from it!) and keep moving.


How the Webinars will Work


Just 60 minutes - can fit into a workday lunch hour!
Interactive online sessions
Focus on ideas you can apply to your own creative practice
Opportunities to talk about your reactions and share your insights with other creatives 
Come as you are.
$25 each or pick 3 for $70