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The Imperfection Option
Online Workshop with Sara Saltee

2 hours
Two dates to choose from:

Is perfectionism keeping your creative life cramped, constricted, or non-existent? It's time to start practicing a new habit of mind! 

In this interactive online workshop with creativity coach Sara Saltee we'll hack into the inner workings of the perfectionist mindset and practice tuning into three alternative inner voices that will free you to try new things, make fantastic mistakes, and get your creative work DONE!

Perfectionism is like a pesky old radio station in our heads that beams out messages designed specifically to keep us working small and tight, feeling scared, and engaging in the "four P's": Procrastination, Perseveration, and Perpetually Postponing the creative work our hearts long to do.  

This powerful two-hour workshop exposes exactly how the mindset of perfectionism functions as an anti-creative pattern, and walks you three alternative mental "stations" guaranteed to free you up and get you moving again.  

We'll dive into questions like:

  • What is the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving? 
  • How does perfectionism limit performance and prevent enjoyment?  
  • How can you recognize when the perfectionism station is playing in your head?
  • What are the specific areas where you are most vulnerable to perfectionistic thought patterns? 
  • How can you interrupt the perfectionism station and tune into three alternative channels that will set you free to act boldly, learn hungrily, and make the juicy mistakes you need to make?

You'll leave with great handouts packed with quotes to remind you of your alternatives to perfectionism and keep you brave and inspired long after the workshop ends.

Instructor Sara Saltee is a certified creativity coach and recovering perfectionist who has brought the Imperfection Option to everyone from writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to family practice physicians - with powerful results!

“So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else, because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good; it’s also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun.”  – Rebecca Solnit



Sara Saltee is a creativity coach, artist, writer, and educator who has been deeply immersed in the study and practice of creativity and the creator's journey for almost 20 years.  In her lively, interactive online workshops, she shares the tools she's developed to help you name and claim your creative gifts (no matter how complex and evolving they might be); spark and sustain your creative momentum (no matter how stuck you feel), and expand your creative impact (no matter what kind of creator you are).     

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“Sara has helped give me greater confidence and insight into the creative process and I am so excited to be able to live that and share that with others. Working with Sara has so widened my perspective and given me both a practical tool for working with my personal creative process, and a model for how I sense the future is unfolding."  - Nikki Thompson

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