Creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating.
— John Cleese

How is your team operating?  

What could your team accomplish if it were functioning more creatively?  If John Cleese is right and talent is just a red herring, doesn't it make sense to learn the "way of operating" that enables teams to generate new solutions and manifest new possibilities?

Turns out that effective artists and high-functioning work teams share a distinct set of mindsets and practices - like trust, presence, curiosity,  play, perseverance, healthy striving for excellence, reverence for mistakes, and tolerance for ambiguity.

Sara's presentations, workshops, and retreats help work teams break out of ruts, think in fresh ways, embrace change, work better together and get more of the right things done.

Great retreat topics for your team might include:

  • What are the top 5 creativity-killers in your workplace? and what are some specific ways to nurture a culture that better supports your individual and collective creativity?

  • How can learning to operate more creatively help your team meet the challenges of rapid change

  • What kind of creative types are on your team - and what would it look like to make the best possible use of those creative styles? 

  • Why "inspiration" is only 20% of the creative process, and how understanding the other 80% can unlock your team's potential for joyful and effective accomplishment

Drawing on decades of experience as an adult educator, organizational consultant and artist, Sara designs and facilitates provocative, fun retreats that connect your people to the core strengths, behaviors, and mental habits that artists rely on as they intentionally venture into the new and unknown.

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The Imperfection Option - Family Practice Residents, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA


  • What are some useful definitions of perfectionism?
  • What is the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving? 
  • How does perfectionism limit performance and enjoyment?  
  • What is the connection between perfectionism and burn out?
  • Practice tuning in to three healthier thought patterns:  humility, learning, and intrinsic worth


Dear Sara,

Thank you so much for the incredible half-day "Imperfection Option" workshop you created for our Family Medicine residents. Your humor and insight, along with left and right-brained activities, inspired us to craft a vision of a creative professional life that is sustainable and meaningful.

Through the use of literature, self-reflection, artistic creation and shared stories our young physicians developed new confidence and skill in maintaining compassion for themselves and their patients, recognizing what is healthy striving versus limiting perfectionism.

My residents reflected on how quickly you established a safe environment for us, a space in which to be vulnerable and honest about our limitations and fears - something physicians don't readily do with one another.

Your work has had a lasting impact on me, my residents and we have already begun to integrate the workshop concepts into our required curriculum for future classes. 

We cannot thank you enough for bringing your remarkable skill and creativity to the training of physicians.

Shannon U. Waterman, MD, Swedish Family Medicine, Seattle Washington


Creativity, Leadership and Change - Senior Services of Island County Management Team, Freeland, WA

With Donna Vaudrin, Vaudrin & Associates


  • What does creativity have to do with leading change?
  • Debunking myths of creativity - it takes a whole brain to be creative
  • Applying creativity tools to real world challenges for Senior Services:  assumption reversals and absurd solutions


Web Communications:  The Neuroscience of Web Design - Municipal Research and Services Center, Seattle, WA


  • Five key concepts in Human Information Processing
  • Five design strategies that acknowledge human brains
  • Practice applying design concepts to real world examples

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