If you've had your free initial consultation with Sara (if you haven't yet, don't wait - book it now!)  and you've got your new client packet, the next step is to purchase the coaching package that's right for you. 

I recommend that new clients begin with a package of three coaching hours, and after that you can choose which of the other options works best for you.

Single Consultation Session
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Three Hours Creativity Coaching

This is the strongly recommended package for anyone new to working with Sara.   If this is your first set of creativity coaching sessions, I recommend we schedule three, one-hour sessions one or two weeks apart.  Beyond that initial commitment, we can structure our work together around either 60 minute or 30 minute sessions. Typically, sessions take place two to four weeks apart to allow for reflection and practice time.  We'll talk by phone or on Zoom, with email support as needed.

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Prefer to pay in three installments?  CLICK HERE to set up three monthly payments of $116.66 each.

Six Hours Creativity Coaching

When you are looking for longer-term support over the life of a creative project, or doing deep work to align your life-design with your creative drives, this is a cost-effective package for you!  Depending on what works best for you, we can schedule 6 one-hour sessions or 12 30-min sessions.  Sessions can happen weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  With this package, you save $50 over purchasing six separate coaching hours, so it is the way to go if you are ready for an ongoing relationship with Sara!

Pay full amount now

Prefer to pay in six installments?  CLICK HERE to set up six monthly payments of $112.50 each.