Sustaining Your Creative Momentum Workshop
Saturday, October 15
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

At Blueschool Arts
6451 Harding Ave, Clinton, WA 98236
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Much as we like to think of creativity as an effortless paradise of vibrant colors, free-flowing inspiration, and endless glee...the truth is that every creator faces times of stuckness and deep resistance, times of floundering and indecision, and times when you feel you are going backward or retracing the same steps over and over again. 

The Sustaining Your Creative Momentum workshop empowers you to face the real challenges of creating and move your creative projects forward no matter what.  You'll leave this dynamic half-day experience with a deeper understanding of your relationship to the creating process and a personalized toolkit of habits and practices you can cultivate to shorten your stuck times, deepen your creative self-confidence, and gain the pride and satisfaction of seeing your creative projects all the way through.  

Creativity Coach Sara Saltee will guide you through a cyclical model of creating which highlights predictable phases and universal crises that you can learn to work with and move through more effectively.  You'll learn:

  • What is your relationship to the four phases of the creating process? Where do you tend to soar and when do you get more easily grounded?
  • What happens when fear takes the wheel?  What does the cycle of uncreating look like and how can you recognize it when you feel it?
  • How do you experience the "four crises of creating" - universal points in the creating cycle that represent significant hurdles for all creators?  What are some specific tools you can use to avoid being trapped in endless loops of avoidance?
  • How can you use the seven core practices to restore your courage and stay loose enough to take another step?

"You are a genius teacher.  You listen so carefully and without effort and you weave our experiences into a description we can all hold in our hearts and grow from."  – C.M, Workshop Participant
"It was a very powerful moment when I realized that the deepest periods of depression in my adult life (including the last year) have actually been about The Void. That was an intensely useful insight that I hope I will never forget." - M.B., Workshop Participant

Join Sara in the funky and fabulous Blueschool Arts Drawing Room and go forth a happier and more effective creator!

$75 - please pay in full when you register to reserve your spot in the class.
Light snacks will be served

All materials provided
Maximum class size: 20

Questions?  Email Sara at