How Are You Creative? 
The Question We Forget to Ask

October 17 and 25

This 90 min live event offers a big-picture overview of Sara Saltee's original Creative Constellation Framework.  Find out how, after 20 years of immersion into the creator's journey, Sara realized that much of what passes as "creativity advice" is pretty useless.  Then, get a look at what she created to help us better understand ourselves as creators and more successfully realize our creative dreams.  Along the way, you'll hear from special guests about the discoveries they've already made using the Creative Constellation tools.

The Premise

Your genius has nothing to do with whether or not you are creative.  
(You are human, you are creative.  Period.)
Your genius is in the unique COMBINATION of ways you are creative.
Your genius is in your Creative Constellation.  
Exploring and expressing your whole Creative Constellation is the work of your life.
Are you ready to claim it?


In this live, interactive session, you'll

  • learn how our inherited understandings about creativity can shut down our potential and leave us confused and stuck
  • get a fresh perspective on your genius and permission to embrace your complexity
  • find out how exploring your creative identity is an important part of discovering your right work and your places of greatest contribution.
  • hear stories from special guests who are already using the Creative Constellation tools.  They'll be sharing the insights and discoveries this system has made possible for them.
  • share your ideas and ask your questions


  • a mind-blowing new way to think about who you are and why you're here
  • a recording of the event
  • a copy of the slides from the session
  • a special surprise!

Two Dates to Choose From

Tuesday October 17 @ 10:00 am Pacific Time/ 1:00 pm Eastern Time
Wednesday October 25 @ 5:00 pm Pacific Time/ 8:00 pm Eastern Time

(Outside US time zones?  Just enter your time zone when you register to see the conversion.)
90 min

“I continually use the tools I learned with Sara as I decide which projects to pursue (or not), and they remind me to see my life as a whole as the biggest creative project.”

— Megan Pincus-Kajitani, writer + teacher + editor + artist

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