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My intention for these resources is that they be used to help people and I'm so eager to get them into the hands of skilled coaches who will share them and support their evolution.

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"I felt such an energy and excitement when I first heard Sara on a webinar! Evolution and creativity have interested me for decades and I have concurrently had a deep sense of not being creative as I had a very limited viewpoint of what creativity was.
Working with Sara and the Creative Constellations cards and tracker has so widened my perspective and given me both a practical tool for working with the creative process, my personal creativity and a model for how I sense the future is unfolding. 
Sara has helped give me greater confidence and insight into the creative process and I am so excited to be able to live that and share that with others. Her work is really playing a major role in helping develop a framework for sustainable collaboration and new model for a wiser, more conscious world."
- Nikki Thompson, Leadership Coach, Australia www.innercirclework.com.au