If you are a life coach, leadership coach, career coach, or other practitioner of awesomeness, you'll find the Creative Constellation Tools and Guides a powerful addition to your toolkit!

My intention for these resources is that they be used to help people and I'm so eager to get them into the hands of skilled coaches who will share them and support their evolution.

Working with the Creative Constellation materials can help your clients reclaim and recover lost parts of themselves, and pinpoint the areas where they want to enrich their relationships with their creativity. 

I consult with practitioners on ways to incorporate the Creative Constellation resources into your practice.  I can answer your questions about particular tools, give you ideas for how to use them, and serve as a great sounding board as you think through ways to support your clients in taking ownership of their lives as creators and sharing their gifts with the world more fully and more joyfully.

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I’m loving the Creative Constellations deck as it is a tangible and visual way for clients to connect with possible modes of creating.

In my sessions, I offer clients the opportunity to energetically experience and reflect upon their current creative state, then explore how playing with one or more modes can release them into broader and deeper creative connection.

Using kinesiology, embodied energy, and empowerment techniques, I support my clients to dissolve creative blockages and move into a new space of flow and joy.

The cards offer an anchor point and focus - a doorway to the client’s creative potential. The Deep Dive cards allow my clients to connect more deeply with the mode we are exploring. My clients leave with a whole new enthusiasm for, and intimate connection with, their radiant and flowing creative selves. The transformations are endlessly inspiring.

It is such a joy to have this tool to work with. Thank you Sara!
— Kimitra Walker,