The Five Crises of Creating
- and How to Rise Through Them

120 min

Choose either:
Tues Jan 23, 10 am - 12 pm Pacific
Thurs Jan 25, 5 pm - 7 pm Pacific

What are you planning to create in 2018?
A book?
A business?
A thriving community?
A richly satisfying life?

This workshop prepares you for your creator's journey with an original roadmap that highlights five moments when the winds of fear blow most fiercely and the un-prepared creator is most likely to get stalled, stuck, or even turn back.  You'll come away with specific strategies to get you through each threshold so you can keep moving forward and accomplish your creative goals.

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"There is so much juice in your content, I think I could hear the whole lesson over and over and get more out of it every time. The graphs, quotes, graphics, and your deep concepts displayed so effectively in your artwork are things I could contemplate and meditate on forever. Let me say that your goal of teaching to the soul and spirit of the creative is being accomplished beautifully. Thank you!" - L. Morgan

As you gear up to achieve your creative dreams for the year ahead, stop and ask yourself:

  1. Do I know what to expect from the journey of creating? 
  2. Do I know where I am most likely to start doubting myself, sabotaging myself, get stuck or even turn back?  and - critically
  3. Do I know what I'm going to do when I get to those challenging places?

In this interactive two-hour online workshop, we'll talk together about the five most common crisis points in the creator's journey - five thresholds where the winds of fear blow particularly strongly and you're going to need special strategies for pressing forward.

Find out which of these crisis points are especially likely to hold YOU up, and learn the warning signs that you are starting to flip into the dreaded backward spiral of un-creation.

You'll come away with a powerful, practical, visual map of the creator's journey, and a foundational set of strategies and practices you'll return to again and again as you boldly realize your creative visions in the months and years ahead.

Creating is not meant to be easy or effortless; it is meant to be a fully-engaging process through which we evolve ourselves and move the world forward.  Understanding the fundamental dynamics of the creating process empowers you to grapple with the built-in ups and downs of the creating experience without getting stuck or turning back

Participants will:

  • learn to anticipate and find your way through five predictable "crisis points" in creating. 
  • discover the seven core practices that spark and sustain creative momentum
  • find out what The Void is, how to tell when you're in it, and why so many other creativity experts leave it out
  • see how fear and resistance operate as a headwind that all creators must learn to lean into - and find out exactly what happens when fear flips us into the dreaded backward spiral of un-creating.  (Spoiler:  It's not good.)
  • gain specific strategies tailored to each of the five crises of creating


  • A recording of the session for playback 
  • the session slides
  • a special surprise!

120 min

Two times to choose from - register today to reserve your spot:

Sara on a ferry boat canoodling with nephew charlie's animal friends

Sara on a ferry boat canoodling with nephew charlie's animal friends

Sara Saltee is a creativity coach, artist, writer, and educator who has been deeply immersed in the study of creativity and the creator's journey for almost 20 years.  In her lively, interactive online workshops, she shares the tools she's developed to help you name and claim your creative gifts (no matter how complex and evolving they might be); spark and sustain your creative momentum (no matter how stuck you feel), and expand your creative impact (no matter what kind of creator you are).     

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“Sara has helped give me greater confidence and insight into the creative process and I am so excited to be able to live that and share that with others. Working with Sara has so widened my perspective and given me both a practical tool for working with my personal creative process, and a model for how I sense the future is unfolding. We as humans are by virtue of our humanness innately creative and if we can consciously work in this space together we truly can do magical things!"  - Nikki Thompson
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