Finding Your Creative Constellation

November 2 and 7

In this 2-hour live interactive webinar, you'll dive deep into Sara Saltee's original system for naming and claiming the deep patterns within your creativity. 

The Premise

When we're trying to make sense of ourselves and our place in the world, the advice we most often hear is "Find Your Passion!" - or something similar.


Which sounds delightful. But actually isn't.

The "passion quest" sends us deep into our inner space looking for a single, bright North Star to steer by.  When we find, instead, a whole array of potentials, possibilities, gifts, and interests, we can assume we've failed and conclude we are "too much," "too messy," or even "commitment-phobic."

But, what if our unique gift to the world was never meant to be a singular, all-consuming passion?  What if our particular genius is hiding right there in the array? 


Creativity coach, artist, educator, and writer Sara Saltee designed the Creative Constellation framework to help you identify and name the specific patterns underlying your multiple and evolving interests and gifts.  Patterns that - like a constellation - can be used as a guidance system that will always steer you toward your most wholehearted, satisfying and meaning-rich work and life.


In this interactive online event, you'll:

  • Learn about the 25 distinct creative modalities that make up the "stars" in the Creative Constellation framework. 
  • Visit lots of examples of the different creative constellations that define the genius of real people - both famous folks and everyday geniuses (like you!)
  • See how you can use your Creative Constellation as a navigation system to guide you to the activities, projects, and relationships where you'll find the greatest meaning and joy.
  • Have opportunities to ask your questions and join the live discussion.

For centuries, sailors have navigated their way home by the constellations - come learn how you can use your Creative Constellation to steer straight toward the places of your greatest creative satisfactions and most meaningful contributions. 


  • A new appreciation for the coherence and beauty in your own creative complexity
  • A recording of the event for future playback
  • The slides from the webinar
  • A copy of the Constellation Tracker tool
  • A quick-format Creative Constellation self-assessment tool
  • A special surprise!

Two Dates to Choose From

Thursday November 2 @ 10 am Pacific Time/ 1pm Eastern Time, and
Tuesday November 7 @ 5 pm Pacific Time/ 8 pm Eastern Time

(Outside the US time zones?  Just enter your time zone when you register to see the conversion.)
120 min

card array.jpg
“The Creative Constellation Cards are amazing.  I want to share these with every person I know, in art and corporate work. These are a gift to the world: the depth, the frameworks, the exercises, the visuals. They are a portal to deeper understanding. I couldn’t hold it in - Thank You!” 

— Robin Counts, jewelry designer + researcher


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