You know how sometimes in order to get a free e-book you're forced to sign up for a mailing list which instantly starts flooding you with a barrage of hype-filled emails carefully calibrated to manipulate you into buying something?

Yeah, I really hate that.  It feels coercive and annoying and I end up really not liking the person who is inflicting that on me.  I REALLY don't want you to end up feeling that way about me!

So, here's what I'm going to do instead.  At the bottom of this page is my free e-book that I'd love for you to read so you'll get a sense of what my Creative Constellation framework is all about and how it might be helpful to you.  Please download it and enjoy it!  No strings attached.

And, while you're here, I also invite you to subscribe to the Saltee Goodness Newsletter.  I think you'll really love it.  It comes every two weeks or so and includes: a fresh blog post/article (a blarticle!) related to either claiming your creative identity or sustaining your creative momentum, or both; "Hot Flashes" of news about stuff going on in my world that you can get involved in - like upcoming workshops, classes, and products, and a closing dose of creative inspiration. 

In addition to the bi-weekly newsletter, I do send special event reminders to my subscribers when I've got a webinar or online workshop coming up - but never more than a couple extra emails in a month.  So, that's the deal. I hope you'll give it a try for a couple months and see if you find the articles and inspiration valuable to you.  OK?  Okay.


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