• JUNE and JULY  Assemblage show at Cafe Lulu in Seattle.  Stop by this sweet neighborhood cafe at 65th and Latona and have yourself a latte while you check out a great collection of 15 of my original shadow-boxes and collages.  Open 6:30 am - 2:00 pm M-F and 7:30 am - 2:00 pm weekends.

Check Out this Introduction to the Creative Constellation Framework!  60 minute webinar, recorded March 7, 2017.

  • SEPT 19 & 29  Creative Constellation:  Tools for Coaches.  Two chances to catch this special 60 min webinar specifically designed for coaches, therapists, and consultants to introduce how you can use the Creative Constellation System as a powerful new tool in your practice.  Registration opening in August.
  • OCT 3 or OCT 20  Helping Clients Map their Creative Identity:  A Creative Constellation Workshop for Coaches.  Two chances to catch this 3 hour online workshop which offers a deep look at the 25 different creating modes and shows how to support your clients in claiming the kind of creator they are. Includes toolkit of coaching questions, worksheets, and strategies for exploring creative identity.  Registration opening in September.
  • OCT 10 OR OCT 27  Helping Clients Expand Their Creative Impact:  A Creative Constellation Workshop for Coaches. Two chances to catch this 3 hour online workshop which offers a detailed look at ways to use the Spiral Galaxy of Creating model to help your clients identify their creative sticking points and visualize their relationship to cycles of creating and cycles of fear.  Includes toolkit of coaching questions, worksheets, and powerful visual maps of the creating process, including:  Key challenges of each of the four phases of the creating process; the Seven Core Practices of Creating; the Four Crises in Creating; and the Backward Spiral O' Fear.  Registration opening in September.

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