You have a lovely studio and the best of intentions....but somehow you never make it over the threshhold.

You have a writing project that is crying out for sustained attention...but somehow everything else seems to come first.

You get inspired, start projects, set goals...only to find your focus drifting, your progress stalled, and your frustration with yourself mounting.

I can help.

If you are ready to acknowledge your creative ambitions, deepen your understanding of your own creating process, and face the bracing headwinds of fear as you press forward toward the completion of your creative projects…I can help.

It ain’t all effortless flow

The work of creating brings some wonderful moments:  the exhilarating rush of inspiration, the effortlessness of surfing a glorious wave of creative flow…

But let’s be honest.  The work of creating can bring different kinds of moments, too. Some of the really popular ones include:  

  • the deep discomfort of ambiguity and uncertainty, 
  • the hard work of thinking
  • the heavy burden of perfectionism, 
  • the gelatinous goo of resistance,
  • the anxiety of commitment without guarantees, 
  • the fear of self-revelation, 
  • the painful inner battle of procrastination, 
  • the unique challenges of completing things,
  • and the dread of critical judgement.  

(HOT TIP:  If this list doesn’t ring any bells, I suspect you might not really need a coach.  If bells are a-ringin' – read on.)

So yes, creative work is demanding in unique ways… and when you lack the support you need or the skills to work through or with these challenges, you can find yourself stuck in places that feel really crappy, depressing, and diminishing to your spirit.  

The right kind of support can make all the difference.  

read more about sara's path to coaching  here .

read more about sara's path to coaching here.

As an artist, a writer, and a certified Creativity Coach, I’ve spent decades accumulating a toolkit of ways to strengthen the specific muscles needed for sustained creative work.  In Creative Momentum Coaching sessions, I join with you to figure out what it will take for you to make steady, joyful progress toward your creative dreams.  

Together we’ll customize an approach which can include:

  • exercises for building self-trust and creative confidence
  • experiments with the habits and mind-sets that support continuous forward movement
  • testing strategies for managing your fear and creative anxiety
  • setting mini-milestones and identifying itty bitty next steps
  • playful approaches to help you stay loose so you can be 10% bolder and braver

We work together by phone or online to define both practice goals (what do you want the experience of creating to feel like?) and product goals (what do you want to create?)  Then, I join with you in naming and addressing the internal or external obstacles that are keeping you stuck in the creativity cha-cha…(one step forward, two steps back and perhaps even a few steps sideways?)

You book sessions in blocks of one, three, six or thirteen, and set a pace that works for you.  

You have someone in your corner who cares deeply and specifically about who you are as a creator.

You take away skills and mindsets that you'll use for the rest of your creating life.
To learn more particulars about my work with writers, click HERE.

Results may include... 

  • the ability to step off the perfectionism/defeatism see saw
  • discovery of an escape hatch from the battlefield between will-power and won’t-power
  • stuck periods that are shorter and way less painful
  • increased confidence
  • the ability to persevere gently
  • new skill at organizing time and space in ways that support creative satisfaction
  • strategies for lowering the danger level so you can lower your fear level
  • the ability to embrace completion as a practice
  • a positive relationship with helpful inner voices that speak with both firmness and compassion
  • appreciation for what's really happening in fallow times when nothing seems to be cooking
  • new ways to manage an overabundance of ideas/inspirations
  • sustained clarity of vision 
  • deep pride in your creative accomplishments (and ample self-forgiveness for the parts that aren’t perfect)

Ready to stay accountable to your highest intentions for your creative life?

Let’s talk.  

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"The genius of human nature involves innate capacities for creation and invention that are important in the life of each individual and essential to the balance of the world. The true individual, by virtue of being himself or herself, enters a state of partnership with the ongoing acts of creation and thereby adds something to life that was not there before."    - Michael Meade, "The Genius Myth"