The Creating Mother's Manifesto

The Creating Mother's Manifesto is a downloadable and printable bit of goodness for mothers of young children who are torn in many directions, fearful of losing their connection to their creative selves, and trying to find a new balance between family, self, and art.  (Been there!)  

I wrote the first draft of this power statement when my daughter was a baby, as an expression of my refusal to accept that motherhood meant an end to my creative play and a way to grapple with the thorny commandment to 'self sacrifice' that seemed to magically materialize in my psyche when I became a mom.

I hope you or a new mom in your life find it helpful and encouraging!   You truly do not have to choose between mothering and art-making, you just need a lot of self-compassion, a willingness to accept the new conditions of your life, some practical problem-solving, and gentle perseverance.