The Creative Constellation Card Deck


The Creative Constellation Card Deck


If you've been beating yourself up for not having "found your passion"...

If you know you are creative in a bunch of different ways, and sometimes feel overwhelmed or unfocused...

If you've ever questioned whether you really are creative, because you're not a writer, performer, or visual artist...

If you are ready to call back the scattered pieces of your self that you've lost touch with along the way...

The Creative Constellation Card Deck is for you.

Far too many smart, creative people like you are wasting precious time and energy trying to shrink your multiple gifts and passions into too-small boxes, trying to make yourself less complicated or less messy, trying to find a way to fit in.

Here’s the thing maybe no one has told you:  You are not only allowed to be creative, you are allowed to be creative in many different ways

The Creative Constellation Card Deck is more than just a set of pretty cards (though they ARE lovely) - it is an entire workshop-in-a-box that will help you claim ALL of your creative strengths and gifts so that you can design a life big enough for who you really are.   

Because "re-inventing yourself" shouldn't be about being a NEW you, it should be about being a WHOLE you. You are stronger than you know, and you are more powerful when you are whole.

“I can't say enough about Sara Saltee's very exciting work, and her approach to understanding one's creativity. Sara has developed a way to describe how many of us are multi-modal creatives in our lives and work. Her model has helped me to think about which of my creative modes I draw upon; which sometimes get in my way, and which I've not nourished and want to focus on again.” – Kathleen Landel
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The Creative Constellation Card Deck is a self-discovery and life-guidance tool that gets to the essence of who you are as a creator.

News flash:  if you are a human being, you are wired to create.  You may not be an artist, writer, or performer, but you are a creator.   So, instead of re-hashing the silly old question "Are you creative?," the Creative Constellation Card Deck helps you find answers to the much more relevant question: HOW ARE YOU CREATIVE?

And guess what?  You get to have more than one answer to that question! Rather than forcing you into a single creative "type," The Creative Constellation Framework introduces 25 distinctly different creative modes and helps you name ALL the parts of your multi-passionate, multi-talented, evolving, complex, real human self.  

As you get clear about the kind of creator you are, you'll gain new insight into how the full constellation of your creativity can be used as a navigation system, steering you home toward a life of meaning, purpose, satisfaction, and impact.  

The Creative Constellation Card Deck is full of activities that walk you through a deep exploration of how your unique combination of creative strengths actually work together as a system.   Suddenly, you'll see that your multiple creative drives are not an accident or a liability – they are, collectively, the gift you are to the world.  

"Got my Constellation Cards yesterday. They are amazing.  I want to share these with every person I know, in art and corporate work. These are a gift to the world, Sara. The depth, the frameworks, the exercises, the visuals. They are a portal to deeper understanding. I couldn't hold it in - Thank You!"    - Robin Counts

Author/Coach/Artist Sara Saltee

As a certified Creativity Coach, Sara was trained to help people give themselves permission to create, get unstuck, manage resistance, and honor their commitments to their creative projects.  Which is all great stuff...  But after years of grappling with her own life choices and talking with clients, students, and friends from around the world, Sara began to see that something was missing from the model of creative support she’d been taught.

Most experts in creativity coaching  and creative self-help assume that each of us has a singular, but tragically buried, creative passion - so they offer up boatloads of supportive suggestions for how to ‘spark,’ ‘unlock,’ ‘unleash,’ ‘unearth,’ etc. etc. etc. our dormant creative spirits, with the promise that joy will ensue.  

Sara found that many smart, creative people needed something different...something more. 

Turns out, Sara’s clients, students and friends weren’t actually looking for more prompts to stir up creative ideas – in fact, they were overflowing with ideas for creative ways to express their minds and hearts, make things better for their families and communities, and change the world. What Sara, her clients and friends DIDN’T have was permission to be creative in multiple different ways. 

  • They didn’t have the guidance they needed to design a life that supported all of their creative drives and passions. 

  • They felt overwhelmed by the complexity of their own creative selves, and pressured to cut off or leave behind important parts of themselves in order to fit in. 

  • They found it hard to prioritize among their different creative loves and worried about never living up to their potential.

  • They accused themselves of being “too much” or “too schizophrenic,” and wondered if they were commitment-phobic or just “too lazy” to devote themselves to a single field or passion.

With the Creative Constellation project, Sara set out to develop a new paradigm for thinking about creativity and life purpose, one that helped complex creatives answer three super-clarifying questions:

  1.  In what ways are you most creative?

  2.  What would it look like to design a life that honors and supports all the different ways you are called to create?

  3. What do you intend to create next?

Drawing on talents from across her own complex creative constellation, Sara put on her Thinker cap and spent years researching the different ways in which people express creativity – eventually defining the 25 creative modes in the Creative Constellation framework. Next, Sara took her Designer/Expressionist self to the studio and spent another 8 months creating original mixed-media collages to illustrate each of the different ways we create. 

Now, Sara most often operates in Uplifter mode, offering talks, workshops and coaching to help multi-modal creators see themselves with fresh eyes and design lives that express all of who they are.

What's In The Box???

This powerful "workshop in a box" contains an 8-panel booklet with an overview of the Creative Constellation framework, and a deck of 56 5.5" X 3.5" cards.  

The deck is divided into four sections, with everything you need to walk step-by-step through four distinct activities:

Step 1:  Discover the stars in your creative constellation

For Activity 1, “The Big Sort”, you’ll explore 25 beautiful Creative Mode cards, illustrated with Sara’s original mixed media illustrations.  As you sort through them, you’ll identify the specific ways you are most creative – and discover the major and minor “stars” in your personal creative constellation. 

Step 2:  Investigate each of your creative drives more deeply  

In Activity 2, “Deep Dive Inquiry,” you’ll work with a set of 10 Deep Dive Inquiry cards filled with thought-provoking coaching questions to guide deeper reflection about each of the major stars in your constellation.   What are the loves, needs, and wishes of each facet of your creating self?

Step 3:  Map your creative constellation

Next, you’ll begin to play with ways to visualize the relationships between the stars in your creative constellation – how do they connect?   For this activity you’ve got two great tools:  Your 6 Spiral Galaxy of Creating Cards show how the stars in your creative constellation can be clustered into five major phases of the creative process.  You'll discover:  are you a creative specialist? a generalist?  where in the creative process are your strengths and where do you most need helpers and collaborators?

Bonus #1:  You"ll also get access to a free downloadable Constellation Tracker Worksheet to help you visualize how your stars map onto the Spiral Galaxy of Creating

Step 4:  Explore how your constellation works as a guidance system for your life

To support this step, your deck includes 10 Navigation Inquiry cards packed with questions to stimulate insight into how your creative constellation works as a guidance system and help you reflect on where it is steering you next.

Bonus #2 – a fifth activity!  Your deck also includes a bonus Activity – instructions for how to make your own creative mode cards.

Finding your creative constellation leads to:

  • Self-understanding and self-acceptance – Stop agonizing and playing small and start exploring exciting questions like:  what new possibilities emerge when you un-apologetically take ownership of all of who you are?
  • Creative satisfaction – start steering straight toward your deepest sources of meaning, fulfillment, joy, and pride (and AWAY from activities you are not wired to find satisfying!) 
  • Creative Excellence - get clear on where to invest your focus, your energies, and your learning next so that you have the impact you want to have.
  • A life-design that honors all your creative needs - it is time to take responsibility for organizing your whole life (not just your paying work, but also hobbies, volunteer activities, and other projects) around your real life's work:  creating what you are here to create.
"It was deeply validating, encouraging, clarifying, and inspiring to discover that I've built a life that incorporates all of my creative modes, and to discover that my "North Star" is the Investigator mode. It's always been clear to me that I was not a specialist; for a long time I would just say, "I'm good at getting good at things." Now I can see that my deep, insatiable curiosity is the root of my creative self.  It's satisfying to look back and see that my choices weren't random or flaky or weird; they make perfect sense when I look through the lens of my constellation."            – Morgan Bondelid, graphic designer + actress

We are all called right now to step forward boldly and bring our whole selves to the enormous challenges of the world.

Getting clear about the kind of creator you are is a critical first step!