Does this sound like you?

  • You have many different passions and interests - you are creative in multiple ways.

  • You sometimes feel you are "too much" - you wish you had a simple answer to the "what do you do?" question.

  • You worry that you should maybe quit pursuing diverse interests and pick a lane already.

  • You fantasize about being one of those people with a single, all-consuming passion...but giving up any one of your interest areas would feel like losing an arm.

  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed and unfocused - it can be hard to choose between all the projects you find exciting.

If you are creative in multiple ways, it is time to stop wasting your time playing small and trying to shove your complex self into someone else's too-small shoes. The world needs all of your multi-faceted talents - and you'll never be satisfied unless you get to express them all - so let's get to work designing a life big enough for who you really are.

Using the toolkit I invented for Finding Your Creative Constellation as a starting point, I help multi-modal creatives explore the interplay between your different creative drives, and discover your own best answers to some complicated questions, like:

  •  How can I explain who I am to other people?  
  •  How can I explain who I am to myself?
  •  How am I ever going to organize myself to accomplish something meaningful?
  •  Should I make another set of business cards, just in case my latest project turns out to be The One?
  •  How can I figure out what I should do for money, and what I should keep for myself, just for the love of it?  
  • How do I move from feeling fragmented and overwhelmed to feeling focused, balanced and coherent...without taking away parts of myself that I really love?
  • How can I design a life that supports all the ways I'm meant to create - and is flexible enough to grow and change as I continue to creatively evolve and explore my creative modes in new combinations?

Together, we'll explore the wisdom of your creative constellation and practice using it as a navigation system that will lead you toward an integrated life full of aliveness, joy, creative satisfaction, meaning, and contribution.  

I recommend that all new clients begin with free consultation. To start the process, and explore coaching packages, just click here!




Sara truly understands the multi-passionate creative temperament and experience, and she helped guide my Renaissance Soul self through several exercises to help me better discern the myriad ideas in my head and projects spinning in the world. She offers validation along with real strategies and guidance, all of which are so welcome and needed when trying to find one’s way to a life and livelihood that honor many creative interests. I continually use the tools I learned with Sara as I decide which projects to pursue or not, and how to see my life as a whole as the biggest creative project.
— Megan Pincus Kajitani, M.A. Writer/Editor/Artist/Educator,