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Your genius has nothing to do with whether or not you are creative. 
(You are human, you are creative.  Period.)
Your genius is in the unique COMBINATION of ways you are creative.
Your genius is in your Creative Constellation. 
Exploring and expressing your whole Creative Constellation is the work of your life.
Are you ready to claim it?

About the Series


In this webinar series, Creativity Coach Sara Saltee introduces a powerful new way to explore the juicy intersection where creativity and life purpose meet. 

She'll share the beautiful new tools she's designed to help you:  

name and claim your creative genius (no matter how complex and evolving it might be),

spark and sustain your creative momentum (no matter how stuck you feel), and

expand your creative impact (no matter what kind of creator you are).     

As a writer, artist, educator and creativity coach, Sara has been deeply immersed in the study of creativity and the creator's journey for almost 20 years.  In that time, she noticed that there is a HUGE piece missing from the way most of us think about our creativity.    

Too often, we focus on trying to "get more creative" or get "unstuck" or "unleashed" but we never stop to ask the more fundamental question:


Sara designed the coaching tools that make up the Creative Constellation Framework to help us explore that deeper, bigger question. 

Tune into her 3-webinar series this fall to discover your own unique creating patterns so you can start designing a life big enough for who you really are.

I continually use the tools I learned with Sara as I decide which projects to pursue (or not), and they remind me to see my life as a whole as the biggest creative project.
— Megan Pincus-Kajitani, writer + teacher + editor + artist

    How Are You Creative? 
    The Question We Forget to Ask

    October 17 and 25


    This 90 min live event will give you an overview of Sara Saltee's original Creative Constellation Framework:  what it is, how it works, and what it opens up for all of us as creators.

    In this live, interactive session, you'll

    • learn how our inherited understandings about creativity can shut down our potential and leave us confused and stuck
    • get a fresh perspective on your genius and permission to embrace your complexity
    • find out how exploring your creative identity is an important part of discovering your right work and your places of greatest contribution.
    • hear stories from people already using the Creative Constellation tools about the insights and discoveries it has made possible for them
    • share your ideas and ask your questions

    Two Dates:

    Tuesday October 17 @ 10:00 am Pacific Time/ 1:00 pm Eastern Time
    Wednesday October 25 @ 5:00 pm Pacific Time/ 8:00 pm Eastern Time

    (Outside US time zones?  Just enter your time zone when you register to see the conversion.)
    90 min

    "I felt such an energy and excitement when I first heard Sara on a webinar! Evolution and creativity have interested me for decades and I have concurrently had a deep sense of not being creative as I had a very limited viewpoint of what creativity was.
    Working with Sara and the Creative Constellations cards and tracker has so widened my perspective and given me both a practical tool for working with the creative process, my personal creativity and a model for how I sense the future is unfolding. 
    Sara has helped give me greater confidence and insight into the creative process and I am so excited to be able to live that and share that with others. Her work is really playing a major role in helping develop a framework for sustainable collaboration and new model for a wiser, more conscious world."
    - Nikki Thompson, Leadership Coach, Australia

    Finding Your Creative Constellation

    November 2 and 7

    In this 2-hour webinar, Sara will introduce you to the 25 creative modalities that make up the "stars" in the Creative Constellation framework.  We'll:

    • visit lots of examples of the different creative constellations that define the genius of real people - both famous folks and everyday geniuses (like you!)
    • learn how the 25 creating modes cluster around 5 specific terrains within the creating process, and
    • see how this enables you to visualize your areas of greatest creative strength and pinpoint aspects of creating where you most need co-creators to fully realize your visions.

    Two Dates:

    Thursday November 2 @ 10 am Pacific Time/ 1pm Eastern Time, and
    Tuesday November 7 @ 5 pm Pacific Time/ 8 pm Eastern Time

    (Outside the US time zones?  Just enter your time zone when you register to see the conversion.)
    120 min

    card array.jpg
    The Creative Constellation Cards are amazing.  I want to share these with every person I know, in art and corporate work. These are a gift to the world: the depth, the frameworks, the exercises, the visuals. They are a portal to deeper understanding. I couldn’t hold it in - Thank You!
    — Robin Counts, jewelry designer + researcher

    Exploring the Spiral Galaxy of Creating

    November 14 and 29


    In this 2 hour webinar, Sara will show how you can use her "Spiral Galaxy of Creating" model to make visible the challenging terrain that you can expect to encounter as you journey into the creating process (no matter what kind of creator you are!).  

    • discover the seven core practices that spark and sustain creative momentum,
    • learn to anticipate and manage five predictable "crisis points" in creating and
    • see exactly what happens when fear flips us into the dreaded backward spiral of un-creating.

    Two Dates:

    Tuesday November 14 @ 10 am Pacific Time/ 1:00 Eastern Time
    Wednesday November 29 @ 5 pm Pacific Time/ 8 pm Eastern Time

    (Outside US time zones?  Just enter your time zone when you register to see the conversion.)
    120 min

    “I can’t say enough about Sara Saltee’s very exciting work, and her approach to understanding one’s creativity. Sara has developed a way to describe how many of us are multi-modal creatives in our lives and work. Her model has helped me to think about which of my creative modes I draw upon; which sometimes get in my way, and which I’ve not nourished and want to focus on again.” - Kathleen Landel

    Customizing Your Experience

    Join for one, two, or all three

    the whole enchilada - yum!

    the whole enchilada - yum!

    Do I hope you'll join me for all three webinars?  Yes.  Yes I do.  In my world, they are all part of one big interconnected thing and I'd love for you to experience the whole enchilada.  

    But, I also want you to feel free to sample one and see what you think before you invest in the others, so jump in anywhere and join me for as many as you like.  

    Each webinar stands alone - so you don't have to worry about jumping at any point.  Each event is designed to be a complete experience unto itself.  

    Pick mornings or evenings, or a mix

    I've scheduled each of the webinars twice, so you can find a date/time combo that works best for your schedule, and I've made them super-affordable so you can sample any and all with no pocketbook remorse.  


    How Are You Creative?  The Question We Forget to Ask

    Finding Your Creative Constellation

    Exploring the Spiral Galaxy of Creating

    See you online!