"I felt such an energy and excitement when I first heard Sara on a webinar! Sara has helped give me greater confidence and insight into my personal creativity and I am so excited to be able to live that and share that with others." - Nikki Thompson, Leadership Coach, Australia



The Five Crises of Creating - and How to Rise Through Them

Whether you are creating a book, a business, a thriving community, or a richly satisfying life, the creating process is guaranteed to take you into challenging terrain designed to bring forward your growth and expansion.  In this two-hour interactive online workshop, we'll explore five predictable "crisis points" in the creator's journey, learn how find our way back to the seven core practices that spark and sustain creative momentum, and find out how to recognize when fear has flipped us into the dreaded backward spiral of un-creating. 
2 hours

Two dates to choose from:



The Imperfection Option:
How to Rewire Your Perfectionism and Regain Your Creative Freedom

Is perfectionism keeping your creative life cramped, un-fun, or non-existent? It's time to start practicing a new habit of mind!  In this interactive online workshop, we'll hack into the inner workings of the perfectionist mindset and practice tuning into three alternative inner voices that will free you to try new things, make fantastic mistakes, and get your creative work DONE!
2 hours

Two dates to choose from:


Crossing the Threshold:
How to Skip the Inner Battles and Step with Ease into the Space of Creating

Your studio is calling you.  Your writing project is longing for your attention.  You can feel your creating work pulling you, yet again and again something prevents you from moving toward it, and you are getting frustrated with yourself!  In this interactive online workshop, we'll identify the three powerful dynamics that fuel creative resistance, and explore an array of strategies for making the physical and psychic shift into the space of creating.

2 hours
Two dates to choose from:

Tuesday, Mar 27, 10 am Pacific
Thursday, Mar 29, 5 pm Pacific



Enchanting Little Worlds: A Hands-On Assemblage-Making Workshop

Offered only once a year, Sara leads this art-making workshop to guide you through the process of creating your own three-dimensional shrine or assemblage.  

3 Saturday mornings, May 5, 12, 19
9:30 - 12:30
At Blueschool Arts in Clinton, WA
Class size limited - register early!



What Kinds of Creator are You?

This 90 minute interactive webinar introduces a whole new way of thinking about creativity and our inner lives as creators.  Find out how Sara's original Creative Constellation Framework can help you discover your creative identity, sustain your creative momentum, and expand your creative impact.

60 min

Registration will open in August, 2018



Discover Your Creative Constellation

In this 2-hour live interactive webinar, you'll plot your Creative Constellation in real time on your very own Constellation Tracker!  You'll leave with a visual map of your creative strengths, a new appreciation for the intricate wholeness of your purpose, and a fascinating new picture of who you are as a creator.

120 min

Registration will open in August, 2018

*workshop only.  Discover Your Creative Constellation packages will also be available, including the Creative Constellation Card Deck, the Discover Your Creative Constellation workbook and a special one-on-one coaching session.)

About Sara Saltee


As a creativity coach, writer, artist, and educator, Sara Saltee has been deeply immersed in the study of creativity and the creator's journey for almost 20 years.  In these interactive live online workshops, she shares the tools she's developed to help you name and claim your creative gifts (no matter how complex and evolving they might be); spark and sustain your creative momentum (no matter how stuck you feel), and expand your creative impact (no matter what kind of creator you are).     

“I can’t say enough about Sara Saltee’s very exciting work, and her approach to understanding one’s creativity. Sara has developed a way to describe how many of us are multi-modal creatives in our lives and work. Her model has helped me to think about which of my creative modes I draw upon; which sometimes get in my way, and which I’ve not nourished and want to focus on again.” - Kathleen Landel