There is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
— Alan Cohen


The Chapter Next Workshop:  Plotting a Life You Can't Wait to Live

Chapter Next is... 

  • a whole-brained life-design workshop rooted in the wisdom of the creating process
  • a supported opportunity to do the exciting and scary work of exploring genuinely new possibilities for your life 
  • a launching pad for an intentional transition into your next chapter 

If you are at a time of transition in your career or life-stage, and want to approach your next steps from a place of deep connection to your essential, creative self, the Chapter Next Workshop offers a powerful opportunity to begin sculpting the life you've been meaning to live.

How It Works

  • The workshop meets online in real time once a week for 7 weeks.  In the online class space, you'll be able to see the class materials right on your computer screen, and at the same time, you'll see everyone in the class via webcam.  (I know, we are none of us beautiful on a webcam...but believe me, the blow to our collective vanity is worth it for the opportunity to see one another's faces as we talk and laugh together.)  
  • Each 2 hour live class session includes tons of interactive sharing and dialog with a small group of other smart, creative, interesting people who are eager to find answers to their own "what's next for me?" questions. 
  • Class sizes are deliberately kept super-small - no more than 6 students in a workshop - so you know you'll get plenty of focused attention and opportunities to make a real difference in someone else's life-design process. 
  • A portion of our class time will be reserved for dynamic presentation of key creative process concepts by Sara.  This is NOT a pre-recorded series of canned lectures - it is an interactive, seminar-style discussion that happens live in these sessions.

  • In between classes, you'll complete fun and thought-provoking hands-on activities, and, if you like, you can share your insights and experiences with your classmates through an online journaling platform.  You'll find all the instructions and worksheets you need in the downloadable Chapter Next Workbook, which comes with your registration.
  • At some point during the 7 weeks, you'll schedule a 60 minute individual coaching session with Sara to go more deeply into the material you are discovering.  We'll work together to identify the time that's right for you to schedule the session - the best timing is different for everyone.
  • You'll have access to recordings of each class session, so you can catch up if you have to miss one of the live sessions, or replay some juicy part of the class that you want to hear again.

So, to recap, the Workshop Includes...

  • 7 interactive live online sessions 

  • Class sizes limited to 6 students

  • One individual coaching session, scheduled when it will be most useful to you

  • The downloadable Chapter Next Workbook, filled with instructions and worksheets for all class activities

  • Access to a super-cool online class journal for sharing responses to assignments between class.  (You can choose what to keep private and what to share.)

  • Access to class recordings, so you can replay great moments or catch up on something you missed

The Chapter Next Workshop offers a fresh approach to life design – tapping your curiosity, passion, and playfulness to create the art work in progress that is your life.  Come, plot a life you can’t wait to live!

Cost:   $475

Registration is not quite open yet for the online version of the Chapter Next Workshop.  If you are interested in the workshop, please use the form in the sidebar on the right to express your interest and receive more information! 

Participants are saying...

The highlights of the workshop were the safe container you created, and your incredible wealth of knowledge about the creative process. No matter what was asked (even by my husband), you had a thoughtful and helpful response, which helped move the process forward. You also made the workshops fun as we each struggled with our own demons and challenges… The group support, seemed to lend an extra boost of energy to my goals, which somehow made them more tangible. - Laura
The “Chapter Next” workshop provided a powerful way to look at my life:  past, present and future. The insights gained and the support of Sara and the group gave me the courage to make the positive changes in my life that were just needing a nudge to make them happen.  Sara provides a warm, safe place to fall as you grapple with the small and large hurdles that keep you from your goals.  The emphasis on the process rather than the goals themselves was extraordinarily helpful. – Anne
It's very easy in our busy world to put our creative dreams aside as we concentrate on the day to day. Your workshop offered the opportunity to stop and spend a concentrated amount of time focusing on the hopes and dreams that exist at the heart level, while acknowledging the roadblocks that can stand in the way. This makes it possible to create a more successful roadmap than one might create on one's own. – Lana
Sara’s workshop has given me the kickstart I needed to re-evaluate and become inspired.  She has a deep understanding of those distractions that cause so many of us to get sidetracked.  She has helped me to see the real core truths that help move things forward.  I can’t wait for more workshops with her great insight! – Kris
It's like putting aside the time to stop and allow......MAGIC!  All of it seemed to unfold perfectly.  It seems like time just flies when we get into the zone.  Sharing in the experiences of the group members felt very powerful.  You are a genius teacher.  You listen so carefully and without effort and you weave our experiences into a description we can all hold in our hearts and grow from.  – Catherine