5 Ways We're Screwed If We Don't Know How We're Creative

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I had three intentions for this book.  

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An excerpt from the FREE downloadable and (I hope) eminently readable E-Book How Are You Creative?


Five ways we’re screwed if we don’t have a way to talk about the range of ways we are creative:

There are a range of different painful consequences that can happen when we lack an understanding of our complex creative drives. 

Here are five of the biggies… do any of them sound familiar to you?

Without a concept of multiple creativities, we can find ourselves:

1.   Holding the painful belief that we are “not creative.”  This is especially true if our major creative modalities don’t happen to be centered in what we think of as “the arts.” 

2.   Feeling “wrong” or “too much” because we think we are supposed to commit to a single passion or follow a single “bliss.”  Those of us who access many different creativities are doomed to a life of confusion and self-condemnation if we buy into the notion that our job as a “mature adult” (ack!) is to pick one and run with it to the end of time.  Once we know that we’re allowed to have complex creative drives, we can stop trying to chop off parts of ourselves or shove ourselves into too-small cubicles and start looking for projects and ways of living that allow our disparate creativities to do their thing.

3.   Feeling depressed, frustrated, grumpy, or unfulfilled for reasons that we don’t understand or can’t really articulate.  Turns out, when we don’t create in the ways we are built for, our creative selves get really cranky and do anything they can think of to call for our attention – from timid twinges that say “uh, hello?  excuse me?  did you maybe, perhaps forget about me?” to full-on raging Fatal Attraction-style self-sabotage “I’m not going to be ignored Dan!”  Knowing what kind of creator you are can help you trace your mysterious longings back to those parts of you that you have disavowed or simply not yet recognized…BEFORE the bunnies get boiled.

4.   Feeling trapped in one way of creating to the exclusion of others.  The career-preparation pathways for many professions involve long and arduous study and a narrowed focus on the development of one particular set of creative strengths.  Even when the strengths needed in your field match some major modes within your creative constellation, by mid-career many people feel a bit straitjacketed by the confinements of their mono-focused creating, and find themselves asking “what the hell happened to the rest of me?”

5.   Buying into other people’s view of what kinds of creating are valuable or important, rather than paying attention to our inner signals.   When we’re raised by - or surrounded by - people with strong opinions about certain kinds of creating that are “safe” or “worthwhile” and other kinds that aren’t, discovering that ALL creating modes are valuable and necessary can feel like finding a secret oxygen mask in an airless room.  These days, we are all pretty much responsible for creating our own lives, which means we’ve got to learn to know and trust the kinds of creators we are.  If we’re going to find our way to those holy grail places where creative satisfaction and creative contribution intersect, we need to learn to listen for the inner signals that alert us to the activities and experiences that bring us a sense of both aliveness and meaning. 

It’s time to bring diversity and complexity into our thinking about ourselves as creators!


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