Seven Months of Feedback

A Nice Meaty Feedback Gumbo

Ever since I launched the Creative Constellation Card Deck at the end of last year, I've been doing my best to listen carefully for information about how it works - what's useful, what's confusing, how it is functioning, etc.   Some of what I've heard has come through formal channels like workshop evaluation forms, some through informal conversations with coaching clients and friends, and a lot through the sources-of-mysterious-origin from whence intuitive knowing comes.

At the same time, whilst I've been stewing in this meaty feedback gumbo, the house we've called home for the last 10 years was put on the market, launching a herky-jerky ride on the emotional roller coaster that is house-hunting. (How's that for a mixed metaphor?)  And somehow, along the way, the questions of where my family and I are going to live and what needs to happen next with the work-of-my-heart got all intertwined and the combination has been quite unsettling!  (Actually, if you can imagine eating meaty feedback gumbo on an emotional roller coaster, that's not a bad match for what's been going on here.)

Solid Ground + Time for Digestion = Clarity!

Finally, last week, we arrived at a decision on an almost-affordable humble-but-serviceable new home with an anything-but-humble view of Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains beyond. And, fittingly - given the all-mixed-up nature of life - I suddenly also have come to some clarity about what I've really learned about the Creative Constellation Project, and what the next steps need to be.  Huzzah!

Responses that keep me going

Fortunately, much of what I've heard from early adopters of the Creative Constellation cards and workshops has been deliciously positive and encouraging.  Here are just a few tastes!

"I am thankful for the gift of your work...the offering of a movement forward for those of us willing to listen to our creatively purposeful yearnings and for integration."

"Evolution and creativity have interested me for decades and I have concurrently had a deep sense of not being creative as I had a very limited viewpoint of what creativity was. Working with Sara and the Creative Constellations cards and tracker has so widened my perspective and given me both a practical tool for working with the creative process, my personal creativity and a model for how I sense the future is unfolding."

"At this time of life, exploring the modes helps me to recognize more keenly what I naturally enjoy and what I only appear (even to myself!) to enjoy because I have been conditioned to express in certain ways. For example, I remember, as a girl watching the ballet. I was engaged but didn't relate to it as a dancer; now I understand that I was relating to the choreography!"

"Got my Constellation Cards yesterday. They are amazing.  I want to share these with every person I know, in art and corporate work. These are a gift to the world, Sara. The depth, the frameworks, the exercises, the visuals. They are a portal to deeper understanding. I couldn't hold it in - Thank You!"   

I am so appreciative for all these and many other comments that have helped me trust that I'm on the right track with something that has the potential to be helpful and healing.  I have felt beautifully supported in this work!

And some very helpful suggestions for improvement

And, as much as those positive comments get me up in the morning, I'm equally grateful for those that have kept me up at night...from small and specific to more holistic, gut-level reactions, here's a smattering of what I've heard:

  • I want a better box, with a lid so I can take them in and out more easily
  • There are a LOT of cards to keep track of - I'd rather have fewer cards and a workbook
  • Could you give me more information about each of the 25 creating modes?  I think that would help me narrow down my constellation.
  • It all just feels a bit too complicated
  • I think you actually have two different products here - maybe separating them would help to reach their different audiences?

So, what's next?

Between now and the end of 2017, here's what I'll be preparing to make available to y'all.  (Watch for things to start coming down the pike toward the end of August, after my new office is unpacked!)

  1. A 25 card deck in a rigid box.  This new version of the deck will include only the 25 "mode cards" that illustrate the 25 distinct creative drives.  It will be designed to go with...
  2. The Finding Your Creative Constellation Workbook.  This e-book will offer step by step guidance and worksheets to walk you through the process of discovering how you are creative, exploring areas of strength and challenge within the process of creating, and discerning what that means for you.  
  3. The Creative Constellation Star Guides.  This series of five e-books will offer in-depth profiles of all 25 creative modes (5 at a time), and will include lots of juicy examples of different creative constellations. Each book will focus on one of the five clusters:  The Generator Modes, The Manifestor Modes, The Connector Modes, The Essentialist Modes, and the Guiding Modes. 

Somewhere in there, I'll also release a free introductory e-book that pulls together the big ideas behind the Creative Constellation project and offers an overview of what it is and what it can do for you.  Hopefully this will help new folks quickly grab hold of whats up!  

There's so much more that you all have shared with me, little and big, that will find its way into these materials and make them better.  I am forever grateful for the quality of your engagement with this project, for your encouragement, and for your very constructive suggestions.  I can't wait to unpack boxes and get these puppies done for you!  (But first, I have to pack the boxes and move the boxes...oy.)

And, one last word....


If your summer, like mine, has perhaps a bit more roller-coaster than is entirely comfortable, remember that there's solid ground coming eventually! Scream when you need to, vomit if you must, but know that you WILL find your way back to a place of greater equanimity and even renewal.  Life is creating you, and creativity works in spirals (some more tightly wound than others!).  So, hands up and surrender to the ride!  (And maybe leave the gumbo at home.)

- Sara