Thank You for Your Fearlessness


As this Gawd-awful but also strangely wonderful year winds down, I find myself wanting to take a moment in this final blog post of the year to thank you, my readers, for all you have done over these last 12 months to make this world, our country, your community, your family, and (let's get down to it) my life so much richer and more hopeful.

John Lennon said,

"Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.”

So, thank you to those of you who have embraced life this year, in all its beauty and messiness and glory and grief.

Thank you to those of you who pursued your own personal healing this year, taking time to reach for acceptance, face the inner demons, and clear up the inner battles so that you may be less in the way of sharing your gifts with the rest of us.   

Thank you to those of you who loved your children so well this year, bringing them safely into your open heart day after day even when the world seemed to tilt off its axis and fear was howling at the gate.  I am so grateful to get to share the world with the sweet. quirky, empathetic, curious and hilarious people you are raising.

Thank you to the teachers among you who have created safe spaces this year for other people's children to engage the exquisitely vulnerable struggles of learning.  Thank you for showing up to embrace all of who your students are - their potentials and their problems and their pain-in-the-assness - even on days when you just wanted to put your own head down and cry.

Thank you to those of you who chose to keep going with your creative work this year - who fiercely re-committed in the face of troubling times to the beauty and truth and healing that you are here to bring into existence.  I am grateful for your courage and for all you've done to inspire us with your passion and your talent.  You make living such a gift.

Thank you to those of you who supported your friends and family members through this year - who sent funny texts and showed up at hospitals and brought flowers to art openings and spoke words of encouragement and talked things through and picked others up when it was their turn to stumble under the burdens of fear or despair or just plain hard times.

Thank you to those of you who have made your love of justice more visible this year - you who have marched and made phone calls and shown up at airports and made signs and refused to look away from the terribly real news and sent money to Alabama and Puerto Rico and so many elsewheres and did your part to persist in speaking for what is right and good and human and fair.

Thank you all for evolving the world.  Thank you for choosing open-heartedness in those micro-moments when shutting down in fear feels like the safer choice. Thank you for loving your vision of a better world so much that you are willing to show up with whatever you've got on any given day to move us in that direction.


We can't know what 2018 will bring to our doors, but I'm pretty sure we're going to keep laughing together and doing our work and tending our gardens and keeping each other afloat and never shutting up about what matters.  We're going to remind each other that we can do hard things and its OK to rest when we're weary.  We're going to keep our hearts open and stay in love.  

Thank you for keeping ME afloat in 2017.  Here's to our continued boundless creating in 2018.