SNEAK PEEK - The Creative Constellation Card Deck!

Hey everyone!

So, my big summer project is to develop a card deck based on my Creative Constellation Project.  Praise Be to everything holy, I am not in this alone - I'm working with the lovely and talented designer Morgan Bondelid - and can I say it is a delight to have professional help (many say I've been needing professional help for years...yuk yuk.)  

While it is all very much midstream, I thought I'd practice keeping you in the loop so you can follow along and share in my happy anticipation of this product that I hope you'll love.

Quick Background:  

First of all, for those who haven't been following the Constellation Project too closely, the BIG IDEA (which you can read more about here) is that I've developed a framework that will allow you to answer the burning question "What kind of a creator am I?" or, more succinctly, "How am I creative?"  The framework identifies 25 distinct ways of being creative - I call them "creative modes" - and they fall into 5 different clusters:  Generation, Manifestation, Release and Connection, Core Practices, and Guidance.  I believe that seeing your personal creativity in terms of a constellation of multiple modes which work together is a HUGE improvement over the old thinking that one either is or isn't creative, and that everyone expresses creativity in the same way.  

So, the card deck is going to be a tactile way for you to lay out the different creative modes that are in your constellation, name those that aren't, and begin to identify patterns that help you hone in on your purpose(s) and navigate your life.  Cool, right?

And, here's what we know so far...

1.  The deck is going to come in a box, just like a playing card box with the flap that tucks in. What will the cover look like???  Honestly, I don't know yet. I'm leaving the cover design until the end...  It's a given that it will be constellation-y - but I don't want it to be woo woo constellation-y, I don't want it to be TOO dark (who want's a black hole of a card deck?), and I think it needs to feel active and lively and fun.  Soooo...we shall see!  As Rachael Maddow would say "watch this space..."

2.  When you open your box, you're going to find a sweet 6-page booklet that gives me space to introduce myself, explain what else is in the box, say a little bit about how I hope it expands your thinking about your own creative self, and offer suggestions for how to get more/deeper information.  This whole project is a massive exercise in distilling and simplifying every aspect of the Creative Constellation framework - which is HARD!  I'm staring at this on my bulletin board everyday to remind me that more layers and more words aren't necessarily the answer to every problem!

3.  The cards are going to be nice and big - 3.5 X 5.75...basically like a generous sized tarot card.  Here's a sample one - the Mystic mode - which shows how the illustrations will be on one side, and on the reverse side will be a "You Create..." statement, and a set of "Star Powers" which will help you identify which modes sound most like you.

4.  In addition to the 25 illustrated "mode cards," each cluster of 5 modes will be prefaced by a "Cluster Overview" card.  These are going to look something like the sample below (only much much better once Morgan gets hold of them...).   The draft below is for the card that introduces the "Core Practitioner" cluster... see how the borders are all color coded to help connect the cards back to their clusters?

5.  And, finally, at the back of the deck will be a small number (5-ish probably) of "Activity Cards" which walk you through some different ways to find and explore your creative constellation - from a basic sorting process, to some different ways to visualize the relationships between your Major modes, to a way of exploring your creative history, and some deeper coaching questions to ask yourself.

There you go!  You have now peeked behind the curtain of the first tangible Creative Constellation product!  The goal is to have it available to purchase in September, by the time of the next Finding Your Creative Constellation workshop on September 24.  Watch this space for updates - and if you'd like to be part of a small group of product testers to play around with the first draft deck and offer feedback, please let me know by leaving a comment here, or sending me an email at

Now, back to work on those Activity Cards, and then the Booklet, and then the times!

Have a wonderful July and best wishes for whatever YOUR summer projects may be!

- Sara