Pulling the Plug on Perfectionism - Coming in May!

Are you hesitant to try fun new things or test out crazy ideas because there's a chance you might not be instantly great at them?  Do you have a sneaking sense that life could be more joyful and fun if you could just lower some of your self-expectations?  Procrastinate much?  

For you, I've created a one-time three-hour workshop called Pulling the Plug on Perfectionism:  How to turn off the mental patterns that are hijacking your creativity and dial in three alternatives that will rock your world.  

Come find out how to feel the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving; how to recognize specific areas of your life where you are most vulnerable to perfectionism; and how to "change the station" and tune into other mental patterns that will move you forward gently in the direction of your goals.  

This is a workshop for writers, artists, creative entrepreneurs, and anyone ready to shed the straitjacket of perfectionism and step into expanded creative possibilities for your self and your life.

Offered through Blueschool Arts in Clinton, WA.  Saturday, May 23rd, 9:30 am - 12:30 pm.  $80. Visit www.blueschoolarts.com for more information and to register.

Bring your wabi sabi self and a fast pen.