Read Sara's ArtistThink Interview

Check out this interview I did with Carrie Brummer earlier this year for her Creative Spirits interview series on her very cool ArtistThink website.  It was a treat to get to think through answers to her great questions!

Here's a little excerpt...

"When our inner demand for juicy creative projects is ignored or shoved to the side, things can get pretty grim. In the short term, we might just be inexplicably grumpy, and particularly easily pissed off at the people around us for not fulfilling our needs. Of course the irritation is really anger at ourselves for not paying attention to the inner voices who know exactly what they need – time to write, time to paint, time to knit, time to sing or compose or invent whirligigs or just sit in quiet and listen to our own thoughts for a while — whatever our particular creative heart is longing for.

Over time, if we keep ignoring our creative needs, our creative selves can get increasingly agitated and desperate, causing us to feel restless, unhappy, and depressed. We can even come to feel like our existence is meaningless, because we’ve eliminated the activities through which we make meaning. At that point, many of us seek therapy or medications to ease the pain – when cultivating a creative practice might be the more direct route to feeling better and getting reconnected to ourselves and our sense of meaning and purpose."