At the intersection of creativity and life purpose...

The Creative Constellation System is an original set of coaching tools to help you claim the kind of creator you are so you can steer toward a life of meaningful creative contributions and deep creative satisfactions.

As you dive into exploration of your Creative Constellation, you'll discover:

1.  Who am I as a creator?

  • How am I most creative?
  • What is my unique combination of creative modes?
  • What are my signature creating patterns?

All of us are creative, but we're not all creative in the same way.  In fact, most of us tap into multiple different ways of creating - we are what I call "multimodal creators."  

In an effort to help my multimodal clients and friends name, honor, and integrate all parts of ourselves, I set out to research whether there might be a definable set of ways that creativity expresses itself through us humans.  (I knew there were multiple intelligences, might there also be multiple creativities?) I ultimately identified  25 distinct creative modes - the building blocks of creative identity.

I created the Creative Constellation Card Deck to allow you to explore your relationship to these 25 creating modes in a visual and tangible way.  As you sort through the modes, and lay them out in clusters, you not only claim the kind(s) of creator you are, you are able to see how the different facets of your creating self work together.  You begin to see that what makes you unique is not whether or not you are creative, but the specific combination of ways you are creative.  I call this combination your Creative Constellation.

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2.  What is My Relationship to the Creating Process?

example 3.jpg
  • What are my areas of strength within the cycle of creating?
  • Where do I need helpers or co-creators to fully realize my creative dreams?
  • What are the built-in crisis points that I'm likely to encounter on my creative adventures?

Once you claim the creating modes in your Creative Constellation, you're going to want to explore what this tells you about your relationship to the journey of creating.

The grand adventure of creating is a cyclical process that takes us all through intensely challenging terrain designed to evolve us personally as we seek to move the world forward.  And, depending on the kinds of creators we are, we each have areas of the journey where we bring particular strengths and areas where we more easily struggle or stall out. 

I designed the Constellation Tracker tool to help you plot your creative constellation onto a map of the creating process cycle. The tracker helps make visible the deeper patterns in your creative strengths, and validates the aspects of creating that you find most challenging.  The Cycle Model also offers a set of seven core practices that you can return to as you seek to sustain your forward momentum, as you encounter Void times when your creative drives seem dormant, and as you stand up to the inevitable headwinds of fear.

3.  Where is My Constellation Guiding Me Next?

  • As I evolve and grow, how do I steer toward the projects, work experiences, hobbies and activities most likely to offer the kinds of challenges I'll find most exciting?
  • Where can I make creative contributions that will feel meaningful and satisfying?

Assuming responsibility as creators in our lives requires us to engage in ongoing discernment - sensing what is emerging in our lives and our world, what is called for, and how we might creatively respond to what is needed now.  

The Creative Constellation system includes an inquiry process to help you tap into your Creative Constellation as an in-built navigation system for your life choices.  As you evolve and as the world around you calls you to new possibilities and problems, you can return again and again to your constellation inquiry to help you find the most resonant places of connection between your inner drives and the needs of the world.


    I can’t say enough about Sara Saltee’s very exciting work, and her approach to understanding one’s creativity. Sara has developed a way to describe how many of us are multi-modal creatives in our lives and work. Her model has helped me to think about which of my creative modes I draw upon; which sometimes get in my way, and which I’ve not nourished and want to focus on again.
    — Kathleen Landel